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Acceptance of university entrants is carried out by the State Committee on test score ratings on the basis of the unique acceptance regulations within the limits the acceptance quotas confirmed by the decree of The Cabinet of Ministers or The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

After the law is passed on recommending a university entrant as a student on the basis of contract – based fee by the State Committee, the contract becomes legalized in a designated form between juridical person or individual and the higher educational establishment.

Contract forms in the designated example are given by the Selection Committee of the higher educational establishment beginning from the day of results announcement and become legalized for individuals in 2 copies and juridical persons in 3 copies by the head and chief accountant.

Tuition fee is carried out annually in the periods shown in the contract requirements for university entrants who are recommended for studying at university on the basis of the contract-based fee by the State Committee.

Terms of contract and responsibilities of the sides and order of their being performed are carried out according to constitutional documents.

From the 1st of September because the amount of costs of annual contract-based tuition fee in the higher educational establishments rises, the following information is given to parents and students in the Ministry of the higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

According to the higher education system implemented in the Republic of Uzbekistan, students who get maximum scores are admitted to study in the higher educational institution on the grant-based contract on the results of tests. (Those who are accepted comprise average 33 percent of all accepted). Similarly, students who got ‘pass mark’ within the limits of acceptance quotas study on the contract-based fee planned to cover their teaching costs.

As well, students are granted with monthly scholarships regardless of whether they are studying on the grant or contract base. It is worth mentioning that foreign students are not granted with scholarships.

The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education informs that it is ready to answer all the questions of students and parents, including fee forms for studying, privileges and facilities on allocating resources at the expense of their salaries and as well, educational credits and other questioned are answered in a written form by the governmental interactive services.