Information and counseling center

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Head of the centre

Rustamova Iroda Baxramjanovna

Telephone: (0 371) 260-41-69





The service of advice communication the agroindustry complex for consulting and it is high degree structure for advice service. 
The aim of service center innovation works use of advance experiences for publicity to arrange communication consulting service of country and world progresses. 
The function of communication service center:

  1. To give consulting for producing goods for agricultural economy and answer their questions.
  2. Propaganda mass-media innovation works and advance experience works.
  3. Preparations of information methodical and education literature, video materials.
  4. To organize educational presentations (seminars and trenings)
  5. To arrange: visual equipments, exhibitions and plot expirences.

The specialists of information consulting work about following services:

  1. Plant growing
  2. Horticulture and viteculture
  3. Agrochemistry and science
  4. Farming and melioration
  5. Plant protection
  6. Biotechnology and phytofotology
  7. Processing of conservation agricultural productions
  8. Selection and seedling
  9. Zootechnics and veterinary
  10. Livestockbreeding
  11. Forestry and ecological problems
  12. Electrotechnics and energytechnologies
  13. Agricultural machinery
  14. Agroeconomy, marketing, management
  15. Sertification, standartization of agricultural productions
  16. Accounting
  17. Communication technology

Tashkent State Agrarian University’s communication- consulting service and

Our address 
Postal code:100140. Tashkent city Kibray region University street 2. The second block of Tashkent State agrarian University.
Consulting days. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, at 15.00-  18.00.

              Activities of the  Information consultation center