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About faculty

     The “Sericulture” Faculty was founded in 1979. In 1994, the department “Sericulture” was merged with the faculty “Zootechny” and was renamed the faculty “Zooengineering and sericulture” in accordance with Decree No. 311 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 03.11.2015 Uzbekistan of May 8, 2018 PP-3704 was renamed the faculty. “Sericulture and mulberry Growing.

Teaching Staff:

  • Professors - 4 people
  • Docents - 22 people
  • Senior teachers - 8 people
  • Assistant - 37 people

Stages of the educational process of the faculty

  Bachelor degree:

  • Sericulture and tuticulture
  • Fishing


  • Sericulture
  • here is breeding
  • fishing

Senior Researchers:

  • Sericulture

Now we will get to know you more about the "Zooengineering" faculty.

"Zooengineering" faculty was established in 1979.
In this faculty:
Silk and mulberry,
General animal husbandry and veterinary medicine,
There are departments of Uzbek language and literature.
At the same time, the faculty;

11 professors,
18 associate professors,
7 senior teachers,
24 assistants,
4 group tutors are working.

Also, in the undergraduate education system, you,

Silk and mulberry,
Zooengineering (Fisheries),
Zooengineering (beekeeping),
Zooengineering (piracy),
Zooengineering (livestock)
Zooengineering (poultry),
Water bioresources and aquaculture,
There are educational areas of veterinary medicine (by animal species).
And in the Master's education system;

Silk and mulberry,
There are fishing education courses.
And in the basic doctoral education system:
silk industry,
Private zootechnics. Livestock production technology,
Breeding, breeding and selection of agricultural animals. Karakollik,
Hydrobiology specializations are available.
After completing these directions, you

Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
Uzbekipaksanoat association and regional agricultural departments;
State Committee for Veterinary and Livestock Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan and regional departments;
Association of Uzbek Industry;
Fisheries scientific research institutes and fisheries and all clusters and farms related to the sector;
Association of Karakollik;
Beekeepers' Association of Uzbekistan;
Uzbeknaslkhizmat Union and their local branches;
Research Institute of Animal Husbandry, Poultry and Fisheries;

ou can also work as a manager in veterinary laboratory centers, regional authorities, clusters, as a manager in enterprises, as well as in the management system of the regional department of agriculture and water management and district departments and other agricultural organizations.