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Period of performance: 30 October 2020 – 30 January 2021


  1. Activities in the reported period:
    • Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment Methods Revisions
      • We have finalized our Dual-degree program outline and are working to finalize the syllabus for each class that will be taught by TSAU as a core element of the issuance of the diploma.
    • Joint Research, Conferences and Publications with the C.A. Partner
    • Faculty and Student (Virtual) Exchanges
      • We have had many virtual discussions (at least once a month, but mostly bi-monthly), and I delivered an address to the institution for a virtual conference that was held to mark their anniversary.
    • New Faculty Policies and Practices introduced to C.A. university
    • Other Activities with the C.A. University Partner


  1. Outcomes:

We have worked together over the past project period to really develop a clear understanding of the expectation for the dual-degree program and the areas which TSAU can fully support as our partnership develops. Such activity is specific coursework, areas of internship/research for the students, and timelines of activity.


  1. Direct and indirect UniCEN project beneficiaries (include number of beneficiaries at each institution):
    • MSU: Dept. of Agriculture Economics – 4 faculty are working with the project, International Institute – 1 person is working with the project, Dept of Ag. and Bio Engineering – 1 person is working with the project
    • TSAU – the Department of Agriculture Economics has 2 individuals who are actively working with us on project start-up and the office of international relations has both Sanjar and Baho supporting our work


  1. Links of information about the project (university website, newsletter, social media, etc.):


  1. Project Concerns and Limitations. Is it on track/schedule to be completed within the estimated period of performance? If not, how do you plan to get the program back on schedule?

Right now it has been very difficult to keep this moving forward. Virtual discussion are not ideal for reviewing curriculum and establishing a program layout. We have expressed a need for more faculty engagement and have found it difficult to get buy-in from the TSAU department. While the international offices can talk and discuss, these need to be departmental arrangements. Our Agribusiness Coordinator has been very forthcoming with his time and necessary arrangements