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 Head of the center: (vacancy)

 Telephone: (71) 260-50-43


 Reception time: Wednesday- Friday (14:00 16:00)


         Today, the library is one of the largest libraries in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

       The library is named after the new Information Resource Center (IRC) since 2007. The IRC, as well as the traditional way of service to readers, continues to make effective use of new information technologies.

         At the University, it is being implemented by the Information and Library Service, the IRC and the IRC in the Faculties.

Reserve IRC main bulk million. more than one copy. The IRC covers the types of textbooks, scientific and literary literature in the state, Russian and world languages. Particularly high demand for copies of CIS publications and periodicals of the republic. In addition, a large part of the IRC reserve is composed of theses and dissertations protected by TSAU and manuscripts and collections of scientific works of university scientists. The IRC reserve also contains unique bibliographical information.
E-books, which occupy a large part of IRC resources, and texts of lectures on the electronic reader's web-site, form a group of electronic carriers.

           Bachelors, masters, faculty members of TSAU, as well as representatives of related higher education institutions and academic institutions are effectively used by all IRC service points. Today, the IRC exemplifies its extensive, rich resource, not only in the city of Tashkent but also in its diverse users. Particular attention is paid to the use of new information technologies in IRC activities. Access to INTERNET has been set up through the IRC local area network. 
At the University's corporate corporative networks, users are able to stay in their workplace and use direct electronic catalog services. At the University's corporate corporative network, consumers can use their electronic services directly at their workplace. This system has the ARM "IRBIS" program and the ARMAT-U National Program, IRC-CATALOGER, ACCUMULATION, READER, and network ADMINISTRATOR.
All network IRC’s are connected to INTERNET via the single centralized EL, which is equipped with a computer for fast search of publications.
At present, the demand for IL services is growing among the information resources.

That is, staffs of IRC are responsible for the creation of an Information Base – IB along with the annexes. In particular, they are obliged to carry out the following tasks:

  • Resolutions and Decrees of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan Dissertation and abstracts - IB 
  • Education in Turkey and abroad – IB 
  • Master's thesis - IB 
  • The economy of Uzbekistan - IB 
  • Scientific works of TSAU teachers - IB

 In addition, factorial information is also prepared using INTERNET.

The IRC uses various forms of information in its activities. For example, a monthly basis is a weekly "New Publication Day for New Publications" and a new way of promoting literature through exhibitions and expositions.

 General IRC structure of higher education 

Reserves consolidation and accounting department

         The department deals with the formation of IRC resources, the study of users' demands for information. He is working to make the most of the world of books and engage them into circulation. IRC's general backup is regularly replenished with the cost of publishers, non-traditional information resources. The work of the department is carried out according to the IRBIS program according to IRC-COMPLECTOR service. The role of IRC periodicals is of particular importance. In this case, the database is created with the resources of newspapers and magazines that come from IRC.

Department of scientific processing of information resources

          The work of this unit is mainly focused on a centralized approach. He is engaged in scientific and technical work of the IRC's information resources and incorporates them into a single catalog system. 

Scientific literature subscription department 

        In this section of the scientific subscription, a multidisciplinary reserve of textbooks, learning aids, dictionaries, reference books, and scientific literature is summarized. The book of fiction includes major copies of national and international editions, culture and art books.

Department of educational literature 

          The department basically combines the textbooks, teaching materials, practical work and lecture materials recommended in the educational process. 

Information and bibliographic department

The main tasks of the department are:

           Students, masters, and faculty members are required to study the requirements for information. In order to meet user requirements, reserve options are taken into account. Also, according to information provided by the information search system, the solution is given. Most importantly, bachelors, masters and bachelors need to properly formulate their knowledge in bibliography.

The division includes the following tasks: 

  • Creating a set of data (factorial, subject, address) using the Internet service; 
  • Preparation of Subject Information; Assistance in referent, course work, diploma work, master dissertations; 
  • Appearance of users in the right direction for information retrieval, electronic database creation and access to the Internet; 
  • Provide a list of global library server addresses to IRC users; 

        Bibliographic data is varied. It includes a list of reference books, bibliographic descriptions, written information and comments, which includes the necessary information in the learning process. It is important to provide quality information on the basis of traditional and modern information technologies, and to improve service performance. In this regard, the department is able to expand the range of information services. 

IRC reading rooms

         IRC has created all the conditions for the full enjoyment of the educational and scientific activities of consumers and the effective use of their capabilities. Now there is a special reading room for students, a separate reading room for faculty members. There are also specialized reading rooms for other categories of consumers. IRC has specialized reading rooms.

Periodical reading room

The basis of the bookstore is the newspapers and magazines of the Republic and CIS countries. Based on copies of these periodicals, special volumes are created on the most up-to-date topics.

EL reading room

The section provides free, free access to Internet for all users via different media. The full text of textbooks, manuals, and tutorials are available on the server.

Spirituality and education department

The basis of the activity of the department is the upbringing of the young generation, devoted to the Motherland. Responsibility for this purpose is to popularize and conduct popular exhibitions on current topics.

Faculties network IRC

The main purpose of IRC in this direction is to implement the sectoral information system at the level of consumers.