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Information resource center


Head of the centre: Qurbonova Muazzam Fazlitdinovna

Telephone:(0 371) 260-39-85





The Information Resource Center of the Tashkent State Agrarian University is one of the libraries with the richest funds of the Republic's Higher Educational Institutions. IRC funded 211245 copies of 1097109 copies of books, with 68 titles regularly updated. There are 1124820 copies of educational literatures on the titles 217274. 243 educational supplies have been published by the teachers of University for the last 3 years: 11 textbooks, 83 manuals, 11 collections of lectures, 56 methodical instructions. The IRC has 85 computers, of which 80 are placed in a computer room. In addition, an electronic library has been set up in the IRC where 16658 titles of electronic textbooks and textbooks are placed. The Computers of The Information Resource Center are connected to the Internet.