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Head of the department: Janikulova Lobar

Telephone: (71) 260-50-71

Reception time: Every day

Email: joniqulova_lobar@tdau.uz

     The office and archives department is a part of the university and operates under the rector’s office.

The office has the following main tasks:

  • -   Registration duplication delivery to the structure subdivisions of internal , external organizational  orders, orders of the university.
  • -  Heads of the universities received information addressed to rectors and vice principal registration of mailing and receipt  information documents of sending distribution answers to the relevant department.
  • -   Documents fulfill the work required such as the required descriptions, deletion of deadline.

     The archive is a part of the university structure  of at the University and is a charge of the rector disposal who is accepted by the rectors order. Archives are  head of archives and archive position according to staffing schedule. The head of archive and its positions are based on the job descriptions approved by the rector.

The archive covers the following basic tasks:

  • -   The TSAU archives will  be used for the reception of passport documents, preparation for selection use and storage by the state.
  • -   Returns the stock order numbers for  the archives received folders and documents:
  • -   Organized an expertise  to determine the scientific and practical value of the records stored in the archive provides methodological of the cost off the documents in the course of proceedings.
  • -   Documents shall be prepared by the state for deposit and submitted within the time frames established by the regulations on the National Archive fund of the Republic of Uzbekistan:
  • -   Organize the use of documents and in accordance with the established procedure provide  copies of information and documents of interested organization citizen.
  • -  Scheduling and archiving documents on archiving and handing documents taking into account the identity of the organization participates in the development of the project ( guidelines recommendations lists of documents with duration of storage etc) they shall coordinate with the agencies and institutions of  there own archives at the cabinet of ministries of the republic of Uzbekistan (UZ.RVM 18.03.2004 year. The decision number- 131)