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    The applicant must submit the relevant documents to the admissions office and verify that the information in the application form is correctly entered into the entrants' database. After completing the admission process the applicant's complaints (complaints) are not taken into account.

The applicant will be present at the test date and time specified in his / her registration.

In the process of testing, the applicant has the following rights:use a questionnaire as a draft;

to perform the test tasks ahead of schedule, then transfer the test items to the group supervisor and leave the test site.On the day of entrance examinations, only the applicant's passport and passport will be available until 07:00 (second shift at 13:00) and 07:30 (second shift at 13:30) systematic entry, complying with the rules of testing the test, from 07:30 to 08:00 in the first shift at the second shift from 14:30 to 15:00 in the second shift:
Verification of compliance with the test book and the number of the corresponding digital answer sheet;

If the test materials are defective and the defect is discovered, immediately inform the group supervisor;

ensure that the answer sheet is properly filled;

the name and surname, name and patronymic of the place of registration in the test book and on the answer sheet;

Signature of the answer sheet to the appropriate entry and title page of the title sheet;

Copy and paste the appropriate code on the title sheet and the code of the educational institution into the space provided on the answer sheet. In addition to the aforementioned commitments, the applicant is personally responsible for:   filling the answer sheet with the color coded pen balloon;

Do not paint the answer sheet, write down the marker, do not paint the circles at the bottom of the answer sheet;

because the answer sheet is the main document that determines the level of knowledge;

submit the test report and the answer sheet to the group supervisor, painting the respective circles of the appropriate sheet of paper, by completing the test assignments in the test book before the deadline.

Tests are conducted in accordance with the curriculum of general secondary and secondary vocational education.Applicants will be tested accordingly on one or two or three of their academic subjects depending on their chosen course of study. Each subject contained in the Trial book contains 30 test tasks.

To complete the test tasks (including replenishment of the answer sheet), 30 hours of test tasks will be 1 hour, 60 hours for the test task, 2 hours and 90 hours for 3 hours.

Each test assignment will have 4 alternatives ("A", "B", "C", "D").Only one answer is required for each test assignment by the entrant, which correctly evaluates the correct answers in the test book, one of the circles in the answer sheet (the answer can not be changed on the answer sheet ). If you do not follow the "pattern for marking" sheet in the answer sheet, in the answer sheet for a test task, the corresponding test will not be scored if the appropriate color is not dyed or dyed or dropped.
It is forbidden to leave the group during the entrance exams, and the applicants are not re-tested. Except for cases of exit from the group under the supervision of the test without the use of test cases in situations that may have a negative impact on their health.

     In the following cases, the applicant will be disqualified from the test run and will be the reason for the exclusion of:

imported, used or tested by the microcircuits, dictionaries, tables, books, mobile phones, computers, telecommunication equipment and other means of access to the area or building where the tests are to be carried out;

if they extend the test material to another applicant or assist them;

if the test items are out of the building, the test run sheet drops, refuses to submit test materials at the expiry of the test;

In the course of the test, it is determined that video surveillance does not follow the rules and regulations of the applicant.