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Admission of documents to joint programs in cooperation with foreign universities began at the Tashkent State Agrarian University

Duration of admission: until October 30, 2023.

Direction of study: in the Bachelor degree

  • Business Administration (in Agro-Industrial) - (Polish, DGOBM, language of Education: Russian, English);
     Logistics (by directions) - (Lithuanian, Vitautas Magnus University, language of Education: English);
     Accounting and audit (by branches) - (Russian, Irkutsk State agrarian university, form of Education: correspondence, language of Education: Russian);
     Food technology (by Product Type)-(Latvian, Latvian University of Natural Sciences and technologies, language of Education: English);
     Fruit and vegetable growing and viticulture - (Turkey, EGE University, language of Education: Turkish);

Direction of study: Master's degree

  •  Business Administration (Master of Business Administration-MBA) - (University of Poland, WSB, language of Education: Russian and English);
     Food safety-(Hungary, MATE university, language of Education: English);
     Business management - (China, North West Forestry University , language of Education: English);
  •  Accounting (by networks and industries) - (Russian, Irkutsk State agrarian university, language of Education: Russian);

Required documents from applicants:

Applicant application (filled out online electronically);
2. Passport (in PDF or JPEG format);
3. With Attestat or diploma app (in PDF format);
4️. Photo (portrait) in 3,5x4,5 JPEG format;
5️. Certificate of knowledge of a foreign language (CEFR, IELTS, TOEFL if available)
Receipt of documents is carried out online at the following link orcali:

+(99871) 260-48-80
+(99893) 260-43-41

Applications are accepted online at the following link: