Tashkent :      Flag  Emblem  Gimn Sitemap

 Head of department: Usmanova Nargiza Shakhidovna

 Telephone: (71) 260-43-25

 Email: usmanovanargiza7@gmail.com

 Reception time: Friday (14:00 16:00)

Main activities of the department:

       Correspondence with all regional and district defense departments of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Work with university faculty, staff and students. They are required to open T-2 form cards, compare T-2 cards with district defense departments, and obtain an F-26 certificate from the Department of Defense, which is permanently registered for students admitted to the university. to provide information on students who have taken vacations, passed from stage to stage, and graduated.
Submit a report to the District Department of Defense on hired and laid-off faculty and staff.