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Head of the department: Durkhujaev Shavkat

 Office hours: Monday – Friday ( 9:00-11:30 )
 Telephone: (71) 260-44-95
Department of the organization of research works of gifted students

     The department of the organization of research works of gifted students is a branch of the Tashkent State Agrarian University. The department is based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 8, 2018, No. PP-3704 and the Order of 1-9-6 / 334 of the University of May 22, 2010. The activities of the department are an integral part of the educational, scientific and practical-educational process for the preparation of highly qualified specialists TGAU. 

     The mailing address of the department is 100140, Tashkent region, Kibrai district, st. University 2. phone: (71) 260-48-60, fax: (71) 260-50-59. E-mail: tdau_tij@mail.ru, @TDAUTIJ.

The main tasks of the department:

  • Attracting students to research, teaching students continuous research work, individual and collective development of their scientific and technical creativity;
  • increasing the level of professional and creative readiness of students, improving the forms of their participation in scientific research, supporting and developing academic schools;
  • Effective use of the creative potential of students for solving urgent issues of science and technology, preparing students for scientific and pedagogical work, developing their scientific, technical and creative abilities, preparing scientific methods for their profession and specialty;
  • creating the necessary conditions for students' creative abilities, the formation of skills qualifications that are important for a qualified specialist or researcher, as well as the preparation of foreign languages and study abroad;
  • Contribute to the effective implementation of scientific and practical work, in particular, the teaching staff of TDAU and the Youth Union of students in acquiring the national, moral and ethical qualities of students.

The organization of academic activities and the training of young scientific and pedagogical personnel includes:

  • Identification of talented students who can use research activities and participation in research work;
  • work with the university administration to ensure wide participation of students in scientific research, creation of organizational, methodological and material and technical conditions for the development of various scientific creativity of young people;
  • creation of educational and scientific laboratories, centers for the development and study of scientific and creative abilities of students in departments and faculties;
  • integration of educational and research activities of students with gifted students and the organization of various types of educational activities in the framework of independent work, course projects and scientific topics.

Department of the organization of research works of gifted students in order to support and develop the scientific community:

  • organizes scientific conferences, competitions, exhibitions for students with the administration of the university and other departments;
  • Identifies talented students who are motivated to engage in research activities and recommend the most knowledgeable and gifted students in government scholarships, and make recommendations about students to relevant departments;
  • provide material and moral support to students, as well as student teachers who have received good academic and creative results in accordance with the decision of the university administration.