Tashkent :      Flag  Emblem  Gimn Sitemap

   Implementation of innovative resource savings techniques and technologies in agriculture, introduction of intensive agro technologies, increasing crop yields, their selection and seeding, disease and pest control, storage of agricultural products, primary processing training highly qualified personnel with new and up-to-date knowledge on forestry, fisheries, standardization, certification, cultivation and processing of medicinal plants;

Modernization of the educational and laboratory base, the modern production processes in the curriculum and the syllabus, the demonstration of knowledge on advanced high-tech and high-tech technologies, the combination of theory and practice in the educational process Increasing the competitiveness of graduates of higher education institutions in the labor market;

Developing and introducing advanced teaching methods in the learning process, taking into account the ongoing reforms in the sector and the deepening of knowledge and skills in the field of modern technologies;

The development of international cooperation in the field of professional development, pedagogical skills and scientific potential of professors and teachers, organization of training and retraining of professors, teachers, scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff of foreign scientific and research institutions; 

Implementation of fundamental, applied and innovative researches and practical implementation of their results in collaboration with interested organizations, ensuring effective integration of science, education and production, practical and research aimed at solving scientific and technical tasks in cooperation with research institutes, innovation research; 

Creating a unified system of training for the agricultural sector, ensuring the continuity and consistency of educational programs at the academic lyceum and professional colleges attached to the university, and the organization of quality education in them;Job placement of graduates of higher education institutions on their specialty, systematic organization of monitoring of their professional activity.