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  Head of department: Azizkhojayev Torakhoja Azatovich

  Telephone: (71) 260-48-67

  Reception day: Wednesday-Friday (14:00 16:00)

  Email: azizkhojayev.TDAU@gmail.com

About the department

       This section is based on the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 6, 2021 No PP-5177 "On additional measures for the effective organization of anti-corruption activities" and the Higher and Secondary Special In accordance with the order of the Minister of Education No. 443 of October 22, 2021, the Department of Control and Anti-Corruption of the Complex (hereinafter referred to as the "Department") was established. The department operates at Tashkent State Agrarian University.

The main goals, tasks and functions of the department:

      The main purpose of the department is the introduction and development of a compliance system, in particular, the anti-corruption system, which meets the requirements of the international standard ISO37001: 2016 on combating corruption, branches, departments, faculties, departments and academic lyceums early detection and elimination of their causes and conditions, prevention of corrupt practices, raising their legal awareness and culture in order to form an intolerant attitude to corruption among university staff, organization of anti-corruption measures at TSAU, anti-corruption Enforcement of documents in the field of

The main tasks of the Department are:

  • Improving TSAU's anti-corruption efforts;
    Prevention and combating corruption-related offenses at TSAU;
    Ensuring and monitoring the effective functioning of the anti-corruption system at TSAU;
    Ensuring the implementation of measures for the implementation of the project "Sector without corruption" at TSAU;
    Introduce a compliance control system at TSAU and study the state of anti-corruption work;
    Identify areas of high risk of corruption at TSAU and the causes and conditions of corruption offenses;
    Provide information on systemic problems that lead to corruption in TSAU and make appropriate proposals to address them;
    Ensuring the implementation of government and other programs aimed at eliminating the causes and conditions of corruption offenses at TSAU and increasing the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures;
    Coordinating public oversight of anti-corruption efforts at TSAU, as well as anti-corruption monitoring based on modern methods and information and communication technologies;
    cooperate with other government agencies and organizations involved in and involved in anti-corruption activities;
    Organize sociological surveys on the status, trends and causes of corruption at TSAU, as well as the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures, and develop recommendations on the results.
    The department performs the following functions to perform the tasks assigned to it:
    a) In the field of improving the anti-corruption activities of TSAU:
    Develops draft internal departmental documents aimed at implementing anti-corruption measures in the TSAU system;
    TSAU monitors compliance with anti-corruption laws and regulations in the vocational education system, as well as decisions and orders of the Academic Council;
    Develops and submits for approval to the rector of the TSAU anti-corruption measures, ensures their full, high-quality and timely implementation, studies the status of implementation of the established measures, prepares information on the results ;
    Develops proposals for the elimination of corruption norms identified in the regulations and internal documents of the Tashkent State University;
    Evaluates and draws conclusions on draft anti-corruption measures developed by TSAU in terms of relevance, acceptability and relevance to anti-corruption policy at the university;
    TSAU implements the project "Sector without corruption" in the system of vocational education;
    Studies and analyzes best international practices in the field of anti-corruption at TSAU;
    Participates in the development of mobile and other applications that allow professors and researchers to report corruption;
    Investigates and analyzes anonymous reports of corruption at TSAU;
    In order to detect and eliminate corruption offenses at TSAU at an early stage, law enforcement and regulatory agencies are effective in combating corruption with parents.