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    The Department of Marketing Services of the Higher Education Institution The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Law "On Education" define decisions and decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on providing economic sectors with qualified personnel, acting on the basis of relevant legal and regulatory acts in the field of education.

Purpose and tasks of marketing department:

  • Formation of database on the basis of the study of the needs of enterprises, institutions and organizations for highly qualified personnel prepared by the University;
  • Assisting in the development and improvement of market equity in education, forming a real "portals order" for undergraduate and graduate students in accordance with the needs of young professionals;
  • Prolonged and annual contracts for supplying consumers with competitive specialists;
  • Provide specific information to the Ministry's special commission at the appointed timeframe within the current year on graduates of HEIs in the form of education directions (specialties), ministries, departments (enterprises and organizations);

Increasing the competitiveness of higher education institutions in the conditions of market economy through creation of paid educational services:

     Advise the graduates on the basis of the current situation on the recommendation and proposals of the young specialists of the Departments of Consumers and Professions in the allocation of work;• To conclude contracts with students or industrial enterprises studying on a contractual basis;• Establishing and finalizing the Graduate Recruitment Commission of Higher Education Institutions and drawing up and summarizing their graduates' personal distribution records;

  • Apply to the Commission of Higher Education for consideration of applications from young professionals distributed by the Distribution Commission and to make a decision, redistribute them on the necessity and if necessary, or perform their independent employment;
  • Establishment of contacts with young specialists who have been employed for the current year and for the previous years, providing them with practical and methodological assistance, consulting and summarizing their results;
  • Implementation of the Admission Plan for the new academic year (distribution of government grants and payment-contract plans, received applications, contests, number of admissions students, their courses, directions of study (specializations) , language of instruction, etc.);
  • Conclusion of contract for 3 years of work at the place of employment at the end of the new academic year with students admitted on the basis of state scholarships;
  • Employers (consumers) about alumni through the media (newspapers, magazines, radio, electronic communication, web-site) (on the directions of education in regions, specialties) information disclosure;