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 Head of the department: Botirov Asqar Shovkatovich

 Reception time:Tuesday - Thursday (14:00-16:00)

 Telephone: (71) 260-39-86

  E-mail: asqar_botirov@mail.ru


University Accounting performs the following functions:

  •      Accountancy organizes and maintains a university accounting account to provide full and reliable information about financial and economic performance and financial position of interested external and internal users;
  • Accountancy based on the university's business environment, structure, level of relevance and other capabilities that enable them to obtain timely information for the evaluation, analysis, design and control of the financial position and outcomes of the university formulate an accounting policy in accordance with the statutory documents.
  •      Prepares and approves forms of accounting internal accounting, forms of primary accounts used for formal business transactions, statistical and analytical calculations;
  • Ensures the inventory and property valuation procedures, the existence of the property, its status and valuation;
  • organizes the system of internal control of the accuracy of registration of economic transactions, subject to the order of circulation of the document;
  •     Forms an information system of accounting and reporting that meets the requirements of accounting, tax, statistical and management accounting, providing accounting information for external and internal users;
  • Carries out work on maintaining accounting registers using modern information technologies, progressive forms and methods of accounting and control; 
  • Carries out work on accounting of financial results of the university, financial, accounting and credit operations, financial resources, material and production resources, fixed assets, liabilities and property;

The accounting provides the following:

  • - Accurate and timely reflecting on economic transactions, vehicle movements, revenue and expense and fulfillment of obligations in accounting records;
  • - Provide timely payment of taxes and duties to the republican, regional and local budgets, insurance contributions to the state non-budgetary funds, credit institutions, funds financing facilities, 'delivery;
  • - Overseeing the organization's payroll and staff remuneration, inventory management, accounting and reporting procedures and statutory audits;
  • - Carrying out financial analysis and taxation policy based on internal audit accounting and reporting;
  • - Developing proposals to improve the University's financial performance, eliminating financial losses and non-production costs;
  • - Ensure compliance with the financial and treasury rules, and ensure the legitimacy of excluding deficiencies, receivables and other losses from accounting.