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  Head of the department: Berdibayev Erkaboy Yuldashevich

  Reception time: Wednesday-Friday (14:00 16:00)

  Phone: (71) 260-48-65

  Email:  agrar2000@mail.ru



      The “Internal control and monitoring” department of Tashkent state agrarian university is organized to observe  the implementation of definite tasks of National staff preparation program, documents in educational system, and execution of methodological instructions, fulfillment of orders and decisions in time. The ,,Internal control and monitoring’’ department leads its activity since 2001 years 29 th august with 207 N order of ministry Higher and secondary education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Internal control of higher education and the program of National staff, preparation and monitoring its embodiments implements by the statute of TSAU. The department implements the monitoring of program of National staff preparation into life, educational, educational-methodological, spiritual, and bringing up, scientific, implement discipline, to increase staff qualifications and retraining, jury and resolutions of scientific council, ministry, agency and controls implementation of universities order’s and documents in educational sphere.

“Internal control and monitoring” department obey rector directly.

The main tasks of  “Internal control and monitoring”

  • Organizing and conducting inner inspection of professors, teachers, coeducational
  • Controlling and monitoring the quality of staff preparation and contemplate  degree  ,preparation of Monitoring   of implementation of laws in educational system of the Republic of Uzbekistan, jury decisions of ministry, orders and other documentaries, inner orders, of dicision  
  • students to get know edge which is standartizide by  educational system of state and other documents.
  • To help practically and methodological to the issues of practicing educational standarts university branches, faculties, department and other constitutive departments.
  • To make analyzing materials and proposals in establishment educational system university for managing organs.
  • Controlling the execution of university orders
  • Practical and methodological  help analyzing and   excluding   the problems in educational system of university and its branches.
  • Attending in evaluation professor-teachers with rating methods.
  • To represent clear suggestions in solving problems and defects to the head of the university.
  • Checking the university and its branches, lyceum and other educational system obeying to educational standarts and documentaries.
  • To demand to all the documents in executing its activities and draw in professionals according issues in the activities of university, branches, department, faculties and other cooperating departments.
  • To observe course projects, course papers, different master’s dissertations, state examinations and all practical and theoretical lessons.
  • Making groups of experienced professor-teacher of university in order to solve the problems of their competence.