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                                               Head of department: Roziqov Jahongir Mustaqim o‘g‘li



                                               Reception time: Chorshanbi-Juma (14:00 16:00)

About the Department

  The decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Department for coordination of residential work of students dated September 9, 2021 No. 563 was reorganized in accordance with the order of the rector of Tashkent State Agrarian University No. 1-9-6/380 of December 1, 2022 “on approval of the updated organizational structure of Tashkent State Agrarian University”in order to create favorable conditions for students in

Functions and functions of the Department

  • - Supervise the performance of its service tasks by the specialist of the Department for the provision and coordination of student accommodation, carry out work in cooperation to create conditions for the residence of students, independent work on themselves, recreation and participation in sports, arts and other clubs;
  • - Organization of activities and management of student housing, conducting extensive study and control of student housing, as well as preparation of promotional materials, implementation of various activities in cooperation;
  • -Work with young people, work in cooperation with the Department of spirituality and education, develop current and promising plans for moral and educational work and formalize activities on their implementation, control the monitoring of the work carried out at the TTJ link;
  • – Coordination and control of work carried out by the director of the student residence-the governor, the head of Economic Affairs (commandant), the president of the Student Council (deputy head), educators and others, creating and social protection of the necessary conditions for students and conducting organizational, economic, legal-educational work among the resident students;
  • - Study of student rental houses at the university, control over rental accommodation, generalization of lease agreements, constant control over them;
  • -Work with young people in the organization of cultural and educational events regular with the Department of spirituality and enlightenment (to invite famous scientists, writers, poets, masters of Arts to the events, as well as to pay special attention to the activities of” cheerfulness and ingenuity“,” student theater studio“,” reading " and to attract students to them;
    -To organize the” hour of spirituality“,”day of spirituality " to be held at a high level and in demand, to control the spiritual and educational process, and to invite mature specialists to events in this direction).
    - Educating students on the basis of national and universal values;
    - Preparation for the diligent performance of civil and childlike duties before the motherland;
    -excellent occupation of the profession in students to increase responsibility;
    - formation and improvement of the individual qualities of the student as a person, specific individual qualities;
    - wide promotion of students with social activism, initiative, respect for studies and profession and a sense of social responsibility;
    -development of socio-political and legal consciousness of students, expansion of critical and analytical thinking skills in them;
    -negative vices to student-young people: to mean injustice, taste, negative consequences of Indigenous;
    - meaningful Organization of student-youth leisure, Organization of scientific and creative activities based on their interests;
    - improves the spiritual and moral and educational work addressed;

The department can also implement other functions in accordance with the legislation.