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Head of the department: Yokubov O'rinboy Sultonaliyevich

Reception time: Monday – Friday ( 15:00-17:00 )
Telephone: (71) 260-51-23 
Email: @tdau.uz
About the activities of the department:                     
  •  - Timely correction of existing technical and economic deficiencies of the university, the provision of complete and accurate information, the organization of economic accounting;
  •  - formation of the structure, the operation of the technical-user and economic activities of the University, allowing to obtain information from timely accessible places to assess, analyze, design and monitor the financial and operational status of the department on the basis of regulatory documents and other facilities. 
  • - preparation and approval of the annual work plan, which includes in itself the form of internal reports, statistical and analytical reports; 
  • - registration of the turnover of a document on business transactions, taking into account the internal control procedure; 
  • - Ensuring timely submission of documents to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, access to documents and information necessary for external and internal users;         
Technical-user and economic department provides: 
  • - providing the necessary equipment for the technical, user and economic part of the educational buildings and dormitories;
  • - timely consideration and disposal of problems and shortcomings of the received applications, letters from departments, educational buildings and departments of student housing. 
  • - immediate delivery to engineers of technical-user and economic department of urgent letters and other documents received by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan; 
  • - Participation in meetings of the Tashkent State Agrarian University, the development of proposals for existing shortcomings; 
  • - The introduction of cleanliness in collaboration with employees of the Tashkent State Agrarian University for landscaping and gardening; 
  • - heads of technical-user and economic departments, department engineers, as well as heads of student residence buildings are responsible for internal order and discipline, cleanliness of premises and territories.