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 Head of the department: Atabayev Ma’ruf Maxmudovich

 Reception time: Every day
 Telephone: (71) 260-48-79


   Department of academic activities and registrar is a management structure that regulates the educational process, which aims at implementing the tasks outlined in the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education" and the "National Program for Personnel Training" and it operates on this basis. Educational-methodical department has the authority to perfect the university teaching process on the basis of advanced scientific achievements, provision of basic education documents, generalization of advanced achievements of faculty, chairs in educational work. Educational-methodical department pays great attention to the introduction of all the subjects necessary for the education of students as qualified, qualified specialists of the time.

The objectives of the teaching staff are as follows:
  • Improving the university education process on the basis of advanced scientific achievements, providing university education with state educational standards and basic education documents;
  • Planning and organization of educational process at the university;Coordination of educational, teaching and methodical work of faculties and departments of the University;
  • Continuous improvement of normative-methodological documents in the educational process management;
  • Development of prospective plans for university education and recommendation to the University Scientific Council;
  • Summarize advanced achievements of the University faculties, departments and structures in educational work and introduce them into the university education process;
  • Introduction of the new Regulations on rating system of students' knowledge control and assessment;
  • Formation of professional development plan of professors and teachers;
  • Analysis of students' attendance;
  • Ensuring that university professors and students follow their academic discipline;
  • Organization and analysis of current, intermediate, final control at all faculties and magistracy at the University;
  • Providing the main work documents in the departments and deans;
  • Preparation of documents for the formation of a staffing table at the University, oversight over the performance of educational content;
  • Arrangement of teachers' time and place of classroom teaching, organization and coordination of hourly course allocation;
  • Studying the teaching activities of the faculties and departments of the University;
  • Organization of the selection of professors - teachers;Introduction of advanced foreign experience in the educational process;
  • Organization of operations and methodological support;
  • Educational and methodological coordination of academic lyceum;
  • Participation in organization of educational process at university-branch;
  • Department of academic activities and registrar has the head, supervisor, statist, dispatcher.