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       The complex work on improving the quality and effectiveness of the training of scientific and pedagogical cadres, including preparation of dissertation works, is aimed at providing interviews with individual tutors and researchers; On the basis of the allocated quotas the announcement of the admission to the doctorate in mass media and the involvement of gifted youth in the event, collecting and analyzing data on the performance of the doctors' dissertations in the departments. Effective implementation of the above-mentioned works can’t be imagined without leading university researchers. For example, X. Kimsanbaev, X.Atabaeva, R. Tillyayev, B. Khasanov, X.Buriev, M. Zuparov and others, who have been working at the university for the last three years, have been trained in scientific and pedagogical cadres. 

       According to the order of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan from September 10, 2018 "Teaching staff of the higher education institution and teaching-methodological, scientific-research and “teacher-student” On Approval of the Rules of Determining Their Works" is the order № 20-2018- view/download