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 Leader of  Youth Union Primary Organization: Isroilov Sardorbek Uktamjon o'g'li

 Telephone: (71) 260-48-68 

 E-mail: Sardorbek97isroilov@gmail.com 

 Reception time: Wednesday- Friday (14:00 16:00)


     The primary organization  of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan at TSAU has united 4428 students, social protection of students according to current legal acts, to learn their wishes and desires, to help them take their first steps an independent life, meaningful organization of their leisure time and  uniting around the Youth Union, bringing up perfect human qualities in them, feeding their world outlook with creative ideas, forming a sense of ownership of intellectual property, supporting initiatives and innovations and uniting students around the Youth Union.

 The Council of the primary organization of the Youth Union of the TSAU consists of 13 members

1. Leader of the Institute of primary members organization of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan.

2. First deputy of Youth leader.

3. Leader in working with active and talented youth.

4. Leader of initiatives and youth entrepreneurship.

5. Leader of monitoring the quality of educational process.

6. Leader on work with students who passed military service.

7. Deputy of the Youth Leader for the spiritual and educational affairs.

8. Leader of spiritual works and youth tourism.

9. Sports, health Leader.

10. Leader in working with students who needs social protection and students with disabilities.

11. Leader of organizational control and personnel matters.

12. Press secretary, head of the youth media group.

13. Leader in students appeals, operate on the basis of the public.

      “Yosh posbon” public structure, “Agroislohotchi” theater, clubs “Zakovat”, “Quvnoqlar va zukkolar”, “Vatanparvar”, “Munozara” were organized by the primary organization of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan at the TSAU and are working effectively.