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The census is important for every citizen.

13.01.2022 00:00

The census is important for every citizen.

The census is the main source of information about the socio-demographic structure of the country, an important indicator that plays a key role in the official statistical system. This will provide accurate and reliable population data. Therefore, in 2023, the country is already seriously preparing for the first census.

What does this event give us?

A census is a unique process of collecting, summarizing, evaluating, analyzing, and publishing demographic, economic, and social data that is relevant to everyone living in a country. It is the main source of population data and provides a reliable basis for calculating development forecasts for the next 10-20 years. Population migration data will be generated. In turn, it is used as information in the targeted development of programs for socio-economic development of the regions, employment, improving the health of women and children and assistance to families. It plays a key role in the official statistics system for reliable population counts.

It should be noted that in addition to the census, there is another important task. This is a matter of mapping areas, compiling a list of houses in the settlements.

It should be noted that for the next three years, the officials in charge are facing a hot process. By successfully completing them, we will have a single database that contains all the information related to each region, city, district of Uzbekistan, from mahallas and streets, to remote villages and remote villages. And this valuable information will help us a lot today, tomorrow and in the near future.