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two-way effective and targeted projects

21.05.2021 00:00

two-way effective and targeted projects

Tashkent State Agrarian University and the University of Mississippi jointly implement the Unicen project of the American Council from 2020.

The purpose of the project is to introduce an additional training program for Master's degree in the direction of "Agrobiznes" between two universities. Within the framework of this project, it is planned to start studying for masters from September.

️For this purpose and for the purpose of improving and harmonizing the educational programs of the joint training program, the director of international projects of the University of Mississippi, Brayn Farrel, and Mett Henson, specialist of the Department of Magistracy, visited TashSAU on May 15-19.

During the visit, American specialists met with professors of the Department "Agribusiness and innovation activities" of the University. They conducted trainings on the introduction of new curriculum. At the end of the visit, an agreement was prepared on the introduction of joint educational programs, and its signing was planned for July this year in Missisipi.