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Congratulation of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to agricultural workers

12.12.2021 00:00

Congratulation of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to agricultural workers

Dear compatriots!

Dear farmers, agricultural workers!

I sincerely congratulate you and all our people on the occasion of today's holiday - the Day of Agricultural Workers.

In these glorious times, when the holiday of a beautiful harvest is celebrated on our generous land, skilled farmers, herdsmen, farmers, gardeners, farmers, gardeners, farmers, gardeners, farmers, gardeners, farmers, gardeners, farmers, gardeners, farmers, gardeners, farmers, gardeners, farmers, gardeners, farmers, gardeners, farmers I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the agronomists and mechanizers, leaders and workers of agro-clusters, heads of farms, enthusiastic scientists and specialists in the field.

Dear friends!

Our radical long-term reforms in the agricultural sector in recent years have been an important factor in achieving significant results in the system.

We are continuing our work in this direction, giving priority to the creation of a favorable agribusiness environment in the country, increasing investment attractiveness, industrialization of the industry.

In turn, it should be noted that our talented farmers, with a thorough study of the latest scientific achievements, with many years of rich knowledge and experience, are committed to the development of the industry.

We all know that farming is one of the most honorable and at the same time difficult professions on earth. We have all witnessed that the agricultural sector of our country has faced various difficulties this year as well.

First of all, the effects of the ongoing global pandemic, as well as the low rainfall in the spring, the extreme heat of the summer chill, and the significant shortage of water resources every year have once again tested the will and perseverance of our farmers.

But in spite of the existing problems, it is worth praising you, the saints, for growing a rich harvest in all spheres and achieving higher results than in previous years.

This year, more than 20 million tons of fruits and vegetables, about 7.4 million tons of grain, more than 3.4 million tons of raw cotton, 23,000 tons of cocoons, 2.6 million tons of meat, more than 11 million tons of dairy products, 8 , 3 billion eggs, 400 thousand tons of fish are the result of hard work all year round.

Speaking about this, Sotvoldiev Hoshimjon from Marhamat district, Islamjon Shukurullo from Buvayda district, Najmiddin Fakhriddin Fayz from Ahangaron district, Farhod from Dustlik district, Old Bukhara from Romitan district, Karshi district harvested 95-100 centners of grain per hectare. We are pleased to recognize the names of such farms as “Mol khosil sifat”, “Mohinur fayzli gavhari” in Rishtan district, “Padang” in Kumkurgan district, “Sakhtiyon Azamati” in Ellikkala district, “Shohida burguti” in Turakurgan district.

As a result of reforms in the cotton sector, another important sector of the agricultural sector, 422 thousand tons more raw cotton was produced this season than last year. Yields increased by an average of 6.3 quintals.

Termez Jayhun in Kumkurgan district, Sangzor-textile in Dustlik district, Jizzakh kenteks in Zafarabad district, Boyovut textile cluster in Boyovut district, Karakalpak in Karaush district, Bukhara Karakalpakstan have made a significant contribution to the creation of such a huge harvest. cluster ”,“ Namangan textile cluster ”in Turakurgan district,“ Pakhtachi cluster ”in Pakhtachi district,“ Akkurgan agro cluster ”in Akkurgan district,“ Yangiarik teks ”in Yangiarik district,“ Koboteks ”in Bagat district, as well as“ Koboteks ”in Bagat district. We are grateful that the farms “Norkozoq ota” in Sharof Rashidov district, “Tangirberdi ota” in Yukori Chirchik district, “Savay korki” in Qurghontepa district, “Varaxsho nurli zamini” in Peshku district, “Rahmatulla Chaman” in Beruni district are exemplary.

Dear compatriots!

In today's highly competitive environment, the agricultural system also requires a new approach, innovations and advanced developments, the consistent introduction of intensive and resource-saving technologies.

Recent climate change in our region, as in the rest of the world, the growing shortage of water resources, and environmental issues show how important it is to ensure the harmony of science and industry in the field.

Taking into account these factors, the Agricultural Development Strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2020-2030 serves as a programmatic priority in further deepening reforms in the sector and the use of innovative technologies, food security, supply of quality products, expanding the geography of exports.

In agriculture, the introduction of a cluster system based on market mechanisms, which is an absolutely modern form of governance, is fully justified in practice. This innovative system is becoming an important tool for the development of the agricultural sector, a guaranteed source of income for the rural population.

At present, there are 651 agro-clusters operating in the country in all directions, and 100% of cotton and grain, and more than 40% of fruits and vegetables are the share of such enterprises.

Agro-clusters effectively carry out key tasks such as modernization of agriculture, industrialization of the sector, deep processing of products, and ultimately the export of finished products with added value, rather than raw materials, employment and poverty reduction.

As a result, fiber processing in cotton alone has increased 2.5 times. Due to the processing of 100% of the harvest in our country, the production of yarn has doubled, the volume of finished products has tripled. Annual exports in this regard amounted to about $ 3 billion.

It is very important that our cluster leaders, farmers, who know the value of the land, use it wisely, create a unique school of experience, and achieve high results in the field of fruit and vegetables, rice, medicinal plants, animal husbandry and others.

Dear industry representatives!

As you know, in recent years, serious attention has been paid to increasing the productivity of agricultural lands, the re-use of fallow lands, and the development of dry lands. In 2020-2021, 369 thousand hectares of land were put into re-use. In order to support the introduction of water-saving technologies, a system of state subsidies has been established.

The work on the construction of new greenhouses and ensuring the sustainability of food prices is also yielding positive results. In particular, in 2021 alone, 398 modern greenhouses worth 2.3 trillion soums were put into operation on 797 hectares, providing employment for more than 11,000 people.

All this, in addition to meeting the needs of the domestic market, expands export opportunities and develops attractive and convenient shopping, logistics centers and processing enterprises in rural areas. were exported.

It should be noted that in comparison with the previous year, exports of legumes increased by 122%, grapes by 142%, vegetables by 103% and nuts by 1.8 times.

At the same time, we should focus on working on new projects, increasing the volume of production, expanding the range and improving the quality of services, training qualified specialists through the widespread introduction of market mechanisms. Based on these requirements and criteria, large-scale reforms are planned in the field.

In particular, reducing the cost of production by 30-35%, increasing land productivity, doubling the income of farmers, supporting the production of export-oriented products and the development of fruit and vegetable growing, supply of raw materials to agricultural enterprises and a sharp increase in livestock production. Improving the functioning of the water supply system, the transition to a system of public-private partnership management of water facilities will certainly have a positive effect in the future.

I am confident that you will stand shoulder to shoulder in carrying out such a responsible task and mobilize all your skills and experience, energy and potential.

Dear friends!

We all know that the words of Hazrat Mir Alisher Navoi glorifying the peasants, sowing seeds in the ground and opening the way to food for the people have a deep vital meaning.

I once again congratulate you on this auspicious and glorious holiday and wish you all good health, family happiness, peace and prosperity in your homes.

The coming new year - let our harvest be even more abundant in 2022!

May the table of our people never be empty!

Bless your life and work, dear and generous, creative and loving motherland!

Shavkat Mirziyoev

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan