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Congratulations of TSAU Rector Jamshid Khojayev to agricultural workers

11.12.2021 00:00

Congratulations of TSAU Rector Jamshid Khojayev to agricultural workers

"Dear workers of the agricultural industry!

I congratulate you on your professional holiday!
May your “work in life” related to agriculture bring you inspiration, great prosperity and always be a reliable support for you today and a guarantee of prosperity in the future!

It is not just a professional holiday for millions of people working in the fields, farms, industries, scientific and research laboratories, classrooms, etc.

This is a holiday for every person who realizes that it is the creative labor of millions of people in the field of agriculture that can feed billions of people.

A lot of work is being done 365 days a year in the agricultural sector, and each season brings its own advantages and benefits.

Modern agriculture in Uzbekistan combines tradition with innovation, manual labor with mechanization and digitalization. It relies on the experience of the elders and, at the same time, develops on the basis of new scientific developments and technologies.

The country's agricultural sector has taken a confident course towards development, focusing on nine priorities approved by the President of Uzbekistan "Strategy for the Development of Agriculture until 2030".

Our President outlined all the data on the main changes in his festive address to all workers in the agricultural sector. Behind all these positive shifts is the work of specialists, people living mainly in rural areas. All of them ensure the food security of the country - our yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Many thanks to every worker in the agricultural sector for their hard work, for their great dedication to their work and love for the land.

Long life and prosperity! "

Jamshid Khodjaev,
Minister of Agriculture, Rector of TSAU