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A seminar and a free medical examination on important topics for women were organized at TSU

22.11.2021 00:00

A seminar and a free medical examination on important topics for women were organized at TSU

On November 20, 2021, the Women's Advisory Board of Tashkent State Agrarian University organized a meeting of 25 university professors and students at the Republican Center for Reproductive Health "Benefits of premarital reproductive health examination", "Negative early marriage" and a free medical examination.

Reproductive health in the seminar is a state of physical, mental and social well-being that affects the reproductive system at all stages of human life, reproductive health is an important part of overall health and is a matter of personal life, marriage of girls and boys The age at which children are allowed to have reproductive health means that girls who are entering young motherhood have a free choice of how many children to marry and how many children to have, including the right of men and women to information and the use of safe, effective, convenient and acceptable methods of family planning, as well as the right of women to appropriate health services in the safe conduct of pregnancy and childbirth, premarital reproductive health care; the advantages of rick, the disadvantages of early marriage, and the ur ur theoretical insights were given by medical professionals about the negative consequences of a marriage built between ug ’.

Indeed, the Law on Reproductive Health of Citizens is primarily aimed at ensuring the reproductive rights of citizens, strengthening their capacity in the treatment of infertility, parenting, and achieving happiness and well-being in the family. This will ensure the stability of the family, which is important for the sustainable development of our country. At the same time, it provides citizens with access to high-quality and high-quality medical services based on high technology and prevents various diseases, - said the chairman of the Women's Advisory Board of TSU G.Umarbekova.

Seminar so‘ngida ayollarmizni qiziqtirgan savollariga mutaxassislar tomonidan aniq javoblar berildi va bepul tibbiy ko‘rikdan o‘tdilar. Tibbiy ko‘rikda ba’zi bir sog‘ligida muammoli ayollarimizga davolanish uchun tavsiyalar berildi hamda qayta tibbiy tekshirishga taklif qilindi. 

Toshkent davlat agrar universiteti ayollarining “Respublika aholi reproduktiv salomatlik markazi”da bepul tibbiy ko‘rikdan o‘tishi grafik- reja asosida davom etadi.