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New Year's greetings from academic B.Sulaymonov, rector of Tashkent state agrarian university.

31.12.2019 00:00

New Year's greetings from academic B.Sulaymonov, rector of Tashkent state agrarian university.

Dear professors and teachers, personnel and students! New 2020 is coming to our lovely Uzbekistan.

I sincerely congratulate you, my dears, on the New Year!

I wish you all sound health and happiness in your family!

Today, we see a festive image and a cheerful mood over our cities and villages, streets and districts. Our people are looking forward to farewell to the year 2019, which has made a bright mark on the history of our country and has brought a lot of news and reforms to our lives. And we are on the eve of celebrating new 2020 year with best wishes. We can see a cheerful smile on the faces of both the young and old.

Everything we have is because of the peace that prevails in our country. Due to peace and stability the authority of our country in the world community has been growing. Where is peace and tranquility there is prosperity, and people will live with creativity and goodness. This can be seen in the ongoing economic growth of our country.

New residential buildings, educational, medical and cultural institutions, modern enterprises, comfortable villages and cities are making more and more beautiful of our country.

It should be noted that the Strategy of Action for the Further Development of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021 clearly identifies the most important tasks in the modernization of agriculture, along with other areas, and is the basis for the success of the industry.

Radical reforms that carrying out in the agricultural sector is aimed to provide our people with agricultural products and food, and to creat more opportunities to entrepreneurs, farmers and workers.

The past year, of course, has become a very meaningful for us, it was full of news and reforms. Especially, according to the results of the rating of Higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan, announced by the State Inspectorate for Educational Quality Control under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent state agrarian university has achieved high results on a number of indicators and upgraded to 6 place, is an important event and this is due to your  invaluable and hard work.

Dear teachers, personnel and students! Tomorrow requires all of us to work harder and more diligently, to study and attain the highest levels of knowledge. I wish you all success in achieving these goals.

May there be peace, tranquility and prosperity in every family.

I wish a great success in all your endeavours to the prosperity of our country.

May the New Year bring joy to your home. May peace and prosperity always reign in our country!

Academic B.Sulaymonov, rector of Tashkent state agrarian university.