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Address of the rector of Tashkent state agrarian university B.A. Sulaymonov to the applicants and their parents

06.07.2020 00:00

Address of the rector of Tashkent state agrarian university B.A. Sulaymonov to the applicants and their parents

Dear applicants and parents!

Don’t build your child’s future today with lies and dishonesty! You have already understood what I mean!

In our society today, the fight against corruption, committing of various crimes and other offenses, their prevention, the inevitability of punishment for the crime, that is, ensuring the priority of law has become the most important issue. Unfortunately, due to some fraudsters, to some extent educational institutions have lost their prestige in the eyes of the people. However, we know well that corruption is an absolutely unacceptable to our people, who have always put science above everything else, hated impure deeds, and have a high level of spirituality and culture.

Especially, the most heinous crime is – involving young people in corruption, who are just starting their careers in education, have great confidence in the bright future and huge plans. The reason is that such evil destroys the root of his or her right and pure dreams, practically infringes his views on honesty and justice, leads to frustration, erodes self-confidence, and forms a terrible worldview that everything can be solved with money.

At the new stage of development in Uzbekistan, the most urgent task is to eradicate corruption. In particular, the essence of the Action Strategy for the five priority areas of development of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021 has become a historic document aimed at eliminating corruption.

Dear youth and parents!

There are still some scammers who say "I will solve the entrance exam" and try to make a lot of money out of it. Unfortunately, there are also parents who think that the main thing is just getting diploma, whether their child’s abilities, knowledge and potential are sufficient or not, this is the secondary issue for them. These cases have been the most painful point of corruption in the education system for many years.

Due to the reforms in the field, the situation has radically changed, and the principle of whoever has the knowledge, ability and potential will study is being followed. Therefore, there is now a serious effort to eradicate corruption in education. The first step in this regard began with regulating the process of passing the test exams.

Today, all conditions and opportunities are created for applicants, from the admission of documents up to the testing process. The main principle is fairness and openness.

So believe in your own knowledge and contemplation, do not be deceived, do not believe in the tricks of swindlers!


June 6, 2020